Spread Planner

adapted from Health Quality Ontario

After a change has been reliably implemented (and is consistently achieving the desired outcome) in one context, the goal is to replicate the outcome of this change in a new context or setting.   This Spread Planner is a tool for  teams seeking to spread an improvement: it allows teams to clearly outline how they plan to spread the improvements they have made. It is a useful tool whether the team is spreading change to other departments or areas of your institution, other colleges and universities, and/or even other sectors or disciplines.

This Spread Planner contains four tables that contain lists of ideas to consider during each step of the spread process. Although all of the ideas within these tables may not be applicable to every campus and situation, the more items teams can check off, the more successful their spread efforts are likely to be. Each of the tables below also contain a planning area. Together, the four planning areas make up a spread plan.