Is a Change Ready to Spread?

Developed by the East London NHS Foundation Trust, the checklist below can help your team assess whether a change is ready to spread to other contexts. If you can answer “Yes” to all 5 questions, consider pursing a plan for replicating the gains of your change(s) in another context:

Are you seeing sustained improvement in your test unit?
(improvement in your outcome measure that has been sustained, the changes have become "business as usual" and no further tweaks are being made)
Can you clearly describe the components of the change package that you have implementedYesNo
Does the change represent doing something differently, rather than just doing something better?YesNo
Can the changes be packed in a way that can be easily understood and tested by adopters?YesNo
Do you have the relevant documentation to support the work undertaken?
(driver diagram, measures and data as time series analysis, PDSA documentation, flow charts, policies and procedures to support implementation, etc)