Tips for Conducting an Effective Improvement Team Meeting

Full improvement team meetings  are often used to review data, develop hypotheses and ideas for future PDSA cycles and develop strategies to overcome barriers.  Frequency and length of meetings will vary depending on the phase of the project.  Try biweekly to start but adjust as necessary.   Sometimes quick 5-10 minute huddles between formal meetings are sufficient to rapidly problem solve and keep momentum.

Tips for an Effective Improvement Team Meeting:

  • Set the date of the improvement team meeting to correspond to data reporting
  • Create an agenda with time assigned to each topic. Assign a facilitator who is comfortable keeping folks on task.  Assign a note taker.  If laptop is available, this allows the note taker to enter notes just in time (during the meeting), or alternatively hand written notes will work!  (See Meeting Agenda Template (MS Word) )
  • STICK to the agenda.  Use the ‘parking lot’ for topics not on the agenda
  • Limit the number of topics to 6 or less (not including your acknowledgements!).  Assign a time for each topic.
  • End the meeting on time.  Make sure team members get the notes w/in 24 hours of the meeting.
  • If parking lot topics are identified, consider building these topics into future agenda or identify who will be addressing the topic.  (We have built this into our meeting template with a place to capture those topics).
Download Meeting Agenda Template (MS Word)