Participation Requirements


Joining as a partner in the National College Health Immunization Collaborative gives your student health center access to all project activities and technical support for the period of October 2017 to May 2018. The faculty — subject-matter experts on immunization, quality improvement, and college health — will provide coaching and support to participating teams.

Our experience shows that when teams participate fully in all Collaborative activities, they are assured improvement. Required activities include:

  • Stocking (at least a small quantity) and administering influenza, HPV, and MenB vaccines in your student health center.
  • Completing all onboarding activities prior to Learning Session 1.
  • Forming an improvement team. Membership of the team does not need to be limited to college or university staff or clinical professionals and may involve community partners.
  • Participation by your improvement team in all webinars and Learning Sessions.
  • Completion of the 6 interactive, online modules.
  • Using quality improvement methods to test, implement, and scale up new models, processes, and strategies, with a focus on achieving long-term, sustainable improvements.  During action periods, teams are recommended to start small, adapt the evidence-base to their local settings, and implement only those changes that result in improvement.
  • Using data to monitor your improvement efforts, including submission of monthly Team Progress Reports and student health center chart review data to Collaborative faculty.  These reports allow teams to document details of changes made and use data to study the impact of these changes.
  • Freeing up time for team members to participate in Learning Sessions, team meetings, cross training, and to test and implement changes.