A Report from the National College Depression Partnership (NCDP) Advisory Committee: Expanding the Use of a Quality Improvement Paradigm

Carlo Ciotoli, MD, MPA and Allison Smith, MPA
2015 American College Health Association Annual Meeting
Orlando Florida
May 29, 2015

The National College Depression Partnership (NCDP) is a consortium focused on supporting college health systems and clinicians in providing optimal depression care through the use of outcomes measurement and collaborative learning. This presentation will explore the applicability of key learnings from NCDP to other improvement efforts in college health and will place the work of NCDP in the broader context of national policy directions and recommendations for quality measurement and improvement.


  1. Describe the National College Depression Partnership model for achieving person-centered, population-based, data-driven, and evidence-based depression care for college students.
  2. Explain key concepts of measurement-based care.
  3. Discuss innovations in system redesign and quality measurement driven by national policy directions.
  4. Explain key learnings from the National College Depression Partnership that can be applied to other breakthrough improvement efforts at your institution
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