Partner Experience

Depression Screening in Primary Care – Case Example

Eleanor Davidson, MD
Director of University Health Services
Case Western Reserve University

Identifying Depressed Students Who Have Somatic Concerns

Jan Collins-Eaglin, PhD
while Director, Counseling Services
Michigan State University

Impact of a Measurement Based Approach to Depression Care

Felice Dublon, PhD
Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Impact of Depression on Student Learning and Success

Jo Ann Dawson, MD, MPH
while Executive Director, Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center
University of California, Los Angeles

Importance of Evidence Based Care for Depression

Patricia Ellis, MSN, FNP, BC
while Director, Health and Counseling
St. Lawrence University

Using Data to Identify Target Groups

Nance Roy, EdD
while Director of Health Services
Sarah Lawrence College