20×30 Network

20×30 is a network of change makers from diverse disciplines and sectors catalyzing action toward:

  1. eliminating modifiable health issues as impediments to learning, academic achievement, and overall success
    among students seeking postsecondary degrees
  2. changing the trajectory of health for a large segment of the US population by addressing determinants of health across campus communities and fostering health promoting colleges and universities
  3. developing the mindset and skills of college students so that we are cultivating a future workforce and engaged citizens who value and take action to build a culture of health within their spheres of influence

All are welcome and needed.  If you work with students, support students, and/or care about students, you are needed.  If you are motivated and ready to learn and take action within and across sectors, you are welcome. We recognize that influencers of health are diverse in discipline and experiences that may or may not include direct work in a health-related field.

Guiding principles:

We are…

  • all teachers, all learners, and all leaders
  • continuously curious and always questioning
  • pursuing radical transformation.
  • accepting of responsibly failing forward as individuals and systems
  • widely sharing and spreading our discoveries
  • moving the needle on what’s possible

Be a part of the collective who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

There is no monetary cost to join 20×30. Instead we charge members to test new ideas and share what they learn, including forward failures.

Previous events for the network included the 2018 Transf0rm-a-thon and multiple momentum calls with attendees. Momentum calls for the network will open to the greater public during 2019.