Learning Networks & Collaboratives

Learning Networks and collaboratives are core to our work to speed and spread improvement by enabling campuses and organizations to work together in a process of quality improvement, innovation, and discovery that measurably improves care and health for college students.  All collaboratives have an established improvement aim and a portfolio of organizational practices, process measures, and outcome measures that are tracked.  Examples include:

NIICH Website

A goal of the Network for Improvement and Innovation in College Health, including private affinity improvement group spaces, is to inform practice and personal professional development on a range of topics. The website will facilitate you to work collaboratively with others, share resources, and discuss topics of common interest.

20×30 Network

20×30 is a network of change makers from diverse disciplines and sectors catalyzing action toward the audacious goal of transforming the lives of 20 million students in higher education by 2030.
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Pursuing the Triple Aim for College Health: A Learning and Action Collaborative

Colleges and universities are invited to join a groundbreaking, two-year intensive learning and action collaborative focused on the simultaneous pursuit of three critical objectives, the Triple Aim of: best possible health and wellbeing of all students on participating campuses; best experience of care and services (including satisfaction, quality, and access) for every student, every time; and lowest costs of care. This collaborative is about learning and innovating together to drive measurable change using methods that spur rapid identification, testing, and spread of new approaches.
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National College Depression Partnership

NCDP supports college health systems and clinicians in providing optimal care through the use of outcomes measurements and collaborative learning.
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National College Health Immunization Collaborative

NCHIC aims to reduce missed opportunities for influenza, HPV, and MenB vaccination in clinical encounters at college student health centers nationally.
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NYS Higher Ed Immunization Collaborative

NYSHEIC aims to increase influenza, Tdap, and HPV vaccination rates among students attending diverse colleges and universities across New York State. Half of all participating campuses do not administer any vaccine, including community colleges that do not have student health centers or on-campus medical staff.
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Interested in initiating a learning network or collaborative? Email us at collegehealthqi@nyu.edu