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Carlo Ciotoli, MD, MPA
Associate Vice President for Student Health, New York University
Co-Director, Network for Improvement and Innovation in College Health

Carlo Ciotoli, MD, MPA, is Associate Vice President for Student Health and Executive Director of the Student Health Center at New York University. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine. Carlo oversees the NYU Student Health Center, which is comprised of a comprehensive and integrated set of medical, counseling, health promotion, and ancillary services; staffed by more than 225 FTE employees; and generates over 130,000 patient visits a year. Carlo has a track record of leadership and achievement in medical management and re-engineering of ambulatory care processes and outcomes, and improving access to preventive health services on college campuses. Under Carlo’s leadership, the NYU Student Health Center has received numerous national awards increasing access to health care services; instituting a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to preventing high risk drinking; creating an integrated health care delivery system with preventive, medical, and mental health services; implementing a comprehensive approach for depression identification and management including universal screening for depression. Carlo is co-Project Director of a SAMHSA funded project, “LiveWellNYU: The Development and Evaluation of a Holistic Approach to Improving Wellness, Building Resilience, and Preventing Suicide,” Project Director of an AHRQ funded project “Quality Improvement in College Health,” and Co-Project Director of the Network for Improvement and Innovation in College Health. He is the PI of the National College Depression Partnership, an award-winning, 42 school quality improvement collaborative focused on supporting college health systems and clinicians in providing optimal depression care through the use of outcomes measurements and collaborative learning. He also serves as Co-chair of the American College Health Association (ACHA)’s Benchmarking Advisory Committee. Previously Carlo was a staff physician in Bellevue Hospital’s Chest and Asthma clinics and was part of the team that developed an Asthma Primary Care clinic that resulted in improved clinical outcomes for patients enrolled in the clinic.

Allison J Smith, MPA
Assistant Director, Population Health, New York University
Co-Director, Network for Improvement and Innovation in College Health

Allison J Smith, MPA, is the Assistant Director of Population Health at New York University. Her focus is on the use of network approaches to improve population health and developing new strategies to activate young adults to be engaged in their own health and the health of their community. Allison’s leadership to create LiveWellNYU, an innovative public health model, has resulted in numerous national awards and SAMHSA funding. Additionally, Allison is co-founder and co-director of the Network for Improvement and Innovation in College Health and has been awarded several grants to support national quality improvement interventions in college health focused on depression, immunizations, and building improvement capability and capacity. She also serves as Chair of the American College Health Association Healthy Campus 2020 Coalition, an appointed member of the ACHA-National College Health Assessment Advisory Committee, and co-authored revisions to the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Health Promotion Standards. Previously, Allison developed a nationally recognized school based asthma education curriculum, and she testified before Congress about the importance of passing H.R. 2023—Asthmatic Schoolchildren’s Treatment and Health Management (ASTHMA Act) of 2004.