About The Network


To catalyze a collective of diverse individuals, institutions of higher education, and related entities working together in pursuit of the best overall health for college students through innovation and quality improvement


All college students reach their fullest potential by ensuring they have the best health possible


We come to work every day motivated by the vision that is at the heart of college health: for all students to thrive, and have the best health and care possible. Fully realizing this vision requires us to continuously improve — in our own work, at our centers and collectively as a field. However, as we all know, improvement can be difficult, and it is almost impossible to do it alone. Making meaningful and sustainable improvement requires “the combined and unceasing efforts of everyone — [health professionals, administrators, students and their families], researchers, payers, planners and educators…” The use of quality improvement methodology provides us with a structured, tested, and proven way to learn, manage change, and improve that can accelerate the realization of this ambitious vision on all campuses.

The goal of the Network is to bring together colleagues from across sectors and disciplines for opportunities to learn, network, improve, and lead in advancing knowledge and practice in quality improvement methods in our field. Whether you are new to quality improvement or looking to expand upon your experience and skills, we hope the Network and this website will deepen your understanding of improvement science and help develop your capabilities as a leader in this critical discipline. Unlike many quality improvement organizations and resources, this one will be specifically focused on college health, exploring the unique opportunities and addressing the particular challenges college health professionals face.

The Network for Improvement and Innovation in College Health provides the opportunity to share your ideas and opinions, and join a force of outstanding professionals that will inspire and challenge you. It offers more than a chance to network with other colleagues and gain actionable ideas for your campus — it’s also an opportunity to move our field forward by playing a part in strengthening and diversifying quality improvement strategies; developing more effective ways to plan and manage change; and staying on the cutting edge of innovation in quality improvement in college health.

Join the Growing Quality Improvement Movement in College Health

  • LEARN. Browse resources and engage in educational activities focused on: quality improvement methods; using data and measurement to drive improvement efforts; and effective approaches to leading teams, overcoming barriers, and facilitating change.
  • NETWORK. Embrace the “all teach, all learn” philosophy. Engage with colleagues from across college health as well as national experts in quality improvement; exchange stories and gain inspiration; and discover sources of support.
  • IMPROVE. Strengthen your improvement skills to make your systems and processes more efficient, student-centered, effective, timely, equitable, and safe.
  • LEAD. Engage with colleagues to strengthen and diversify quality improvement strategies; develop more effective ways to plan, manage, and advance change; stay on the cutting edge of innovation in quality improvement; and move our field forward.