Virtual Transformathon: Co-creating the Movement

June 13 – July 25, 2019

Transformathon: Co-creating the Movement was a virtual gathering of over 200 minds to help build the backbone — people, connections, and shared priorities — of the 20×30 Network. This Transformathon was about deeply contemplating with people with diverse lived experiences, identities, and expertise about what it will take to achieve the audacious goals necessary to transform the lives of 20 million students in higher education by 2030.

Together, we:

  • learned about and embracing powerful approaches for disrupting the status quo
  • co-created shared priorities to focus our collective change making
  • incubated new change ideas by collaborating with and challenging each other to rethink and reinvent approaches

While the June 13th kickoff call has passed, your participation is as needed as ever. Contribute your ideas and experiences and engage in dialogue with other change makers on the 20×30 Idea Platform.

 « Join the Movement »

20×30 is as powerful as the active change makers within it.  Every voice and experience matter.  

Stream the Recording of the June 13th Kickoff Event