Transformathon 2018: Laying the Foundation for a Movement


June 18-19, 2018 in New York

Grounding Our Work Together
Allison Smith (New York University), Erin O’Sullivan (NIRSA), Allison Sorgeloos (Arizona State University)

What Are We Trying to Accomplish?
Identifying Priority Populations: Who is Not Thriving on Our Campuses
Hollie Chessman (American Council on Education) and Jan Collins-Eaglin (Pomona College)

How Will We Know that a Change Is an Improvement?
Prioritizing Measures that Matter: Defining “Better for Priority Populations
Helen Stubbs (Gallup) and Allison Smith (New York University)

What Changes Can We Make that Will Lead to Improvement?
Inspiring Ideas for Change: Learning from Bright Spots
Nick Freudenberg (City University of New York), Paul Howard (100 Million Healthier Lives), and Rich Keeling (Keeling and Associates)

Engaging Non-Engaged Influencers and Synergizing Cross-Sector Action
Paul Howard (100 Million Healthier Lives)

PDSA Cycles as the Engine for Change:  An Experiential Learning Activity
Carlo Ciotoli (New York University)

Moving the Needle: What Will We Try and How Can We Accelerate Improvement?