Radical transformation requires radical approaches.  Transformathons disrupt traditional conference or think tank paradigms and instead embrace a unique collection of values and methods, as described in the definition below, to foster authentic and meaningful connection, distribute power to those who need it most, inspire action, and accelerate learning and improvement across historical silos.  While each 20×30 Transformathon is a distinct experience, all Transformathons build off of the work of previous Transformathons and the resulting change making and progress that occurs when we return “home.”

/twɛnti bay θərdi trænsˈfɔrməθɑn/


  1. A highly interactive, collaborative, and action-oriented convening of change makers who are students and the people who support students, care about students, work with students, or can influence students’ lives.
  2. An accelerator of breakthrough improvements through intentional activities to:
    • build trust among people with diverse lived experiences and expertise, break down silos, and leverage the strengths of all 20×30 change makers– with their respective cultures, missions, priorities, approaches, and resources
    • build capacity for using the science of improvement and innovation frameworks to guide impactful change
    • inspire and incubate new ideas that can be quickly tested during Actions Period, shared, and spread

Whether this is your first Transformathon or you’re a Transformathon veteran, all are welcome and needed.   20×30 change makers can choose to participate in a one, some, or all Transformathons.

Past 20×30 Transformathons

Transformathon 2019: Moving Into Action
November 11 – November 12, 2019 in New York City
Building on previous Transformathons, this second in-person convening was highly interactive and collaborative, with a particular emphasis on leveraging our assets to advance our change making and improvement work, and focusing on moving toward unprecedented collective action.
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Transformathon 2019: Co-creating the Movement
June 13 – July 25, 2019
A FREE month-long virtual gathering of minds to help build the backbone — people, connections, and shared priorities — of the 20×30 Network. This Transformathon was about deeply contemplating with people with diverse lived experiences, identities, and expertise about what it will take to achieve the audacious goals necessary to transform the lives of 20 million students in higher education by 2030.
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Transformathon: Laying the Foundation for a Movement
June 2018 in New York City
A gathering of 80 individuals representing 30 institutions of higher education and 19 national organizations came together for the inaugural 1.5 day Transformathon.
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