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Be a part of the collective that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  Join over 360 people, 150 colleges and universities, and 35 national organizations working together in this movement to transform the lives of 20 million colleges students by the year 2030.  You are needed.  



There is no monetary cost to join the 20×30 Network. Instead, 20×30 change makers are charged with engaging in unprecedented collaboration, testing new ideas, and sharing what they learn, including learning from both successes and failures.

What it means to be a 20×30 Change Maker

“We” means “you” – everyone is a part of building, iterating, and leading change.
We are unconventional thinkers and doers.
We catalyze change by connecting diverse individuals, institutions, organizations and other entities.  We include people with diverse identities, experiences, and expertise.
We get better at getting better, together.
We build upon and leverage our existing work and networks to create sustained improvement at scale.

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