Frameworks for Change Making

Achieving the ambitious goals of the 20×30 Network will require unprecedented collaboration and unprecedented action.  No single theory or model of change will be sufficient.  We must use the best available evidence and approaches to guide our action, while being continuously curious, emergent and evolving, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

The frameworks below are a place to start.  These frameworks:

  • were developed by diverse organizations in and out of higher education settings
  • contribute to our knowledge and learnings about effective ideas for change
  • offer unique assets and approaches to change

The importance, actionability, and feasibility of adopting different theories and ideas for change will vary tremendously across the 20×30 Network based on each change maker’s unique assets and priorities.  These frameworks are intended to help you prioritize actions that most matter to you and your work.

Are you using other frameworks to guide your change making? If so, please share with the 20×30 Network by emailing