A Vision in Verse

By Beth Krom

Twenty x Thirty
A culture, a vision
Partnering to make health
A focused decision

Creating a movement
Sustained and embraced
Addressing the challenges
That long have been faced

On campus and off
Health and wellness affected
Transforming whole systems
Through resources directed

Towards addressing impediments
To achievement and learning
Building engaged, empowered leaders
Who are thriving, discerning

Broad stakeholder engagement
For we all have a stake
In supporting the futures
Through the actions we take

Of the beautiful students
Who deserve our attention
Proactive involvement
Can reduce intervention

Acknowledging issues
And equity gaps
Navigating mine fields
And avoiding the traps

Managing stress
In a way that is sound
Improving their futures
Wherever they’re bound

There must be awareness
Accepting the fact
That students will suffer
If we all fail to act

Administrators, faculty
Public safety and others
Like municipal leaders
And fathers and mothers

Engaging, together
To drive system change
So today’s college culture
Will one day feel strange

A promissory note,
For a future that’s bright

Risking for change
‘cause we know that it’s right

This work is our mission
Our vision in sight

Improving student outcomes
Is well worth the fight


Beth Krom is a former Mayor and City Councilmember from Irvine, California. She is also a grieving mother who lost her son, Noah, in 2009 to a tragic accident just a week before he was to graduate from UC Santa Barbara. The work she does to educate, advocate and promote student safety and well-being as a higher priority within college communities is her way of ensuring that Noah’s legacy endures.