Funding Opportunity

Application Deadline – January 17, 2020 

Our Goal

To strengthen the emerging 20×30 Network of people, campuses, and organizations who are working to transform the lives of 20 million students in higher education by 2030 through:

  • Fostering new relationships across historical silos and connecting the learning of people across institutions and organizations interested in solving similar challenges (e.g., peer learning clusters)
  • Cultivating collaborative projects
  • Increasing meaningful engagement of students and other people with diverse experiences and expertise

How the Fund Should Not Be Used

  • For a single institution’s or organization’s work
  • For work outside of the United States
  • To augment salary; you may use the funds for contracted services
  • Partisan political activity
  • Lobbying

 Criteria & Process

  • Proposal must include multiple organizations and/or institutions of higher education
  • Priority will be given to applicants already connected to or eager to connect to the 20×30 Network (e.g., participating in Transformathons, Momentum Calls, Idea Share Platform, contributing to a work group)
  • Project must benefit the 20×30 Network in some way, (e.g., increase engagement or action and share learning, tools, new resources)
  • If selected, one person from the project will need to share the learnings with the larger 20×30 Network via brief report and presentation on a Momentum Call

Fund Parameters

  • Recommended award amounts:  $500-$4,000
  • Learning produced must be shared, and if published, produced under Creative Commons licensing
  • Timeframe: The projects should be selected in February and completed by November 2020.
  • Simple report/share out at project completion


November 12, 2019: Network Activation Fund application goes live

December 2019: Momentum Call

January 17, 2020: Application deadline

Week of February 4, 2020: Notifications

December 1, 2020: End of project report

Forming a Team

Please use the Idea Share Platform to self-organize into project ideas you would like to develop and apply for grant funding with other 20×30 changemakers.

Idea Share Platform


2-4 pages; limit of 20,000 characters with spaces.

The Application is available to 20×30 Change Makers in our Online Space.  Below are steps to join 20×30 and create an account on this website.  If you have any questions or problems, please email us admin-20×

Step 1:  Join the 20×30 Network

Complete the 20×30 Registration Form.

Step 2: Create a Network for Improvement and Innovation in College Health website account. 

A | Click on the register icon in the upper right corner of this site.


B | Enter your information on the registration page.


C | You will then receive an email asking you to reset your password. Click on the link in the email to do so.


D |Select a new password and click on the reset password button.


E | After you login with your new password, take a moment to complete your profile on the website.

F | Once your account is created, someone from the 20×30 Team will manually update your permissions so that you have access to the private 20×30 Network Online Space and Idea Platform.  If you don’t have access within 48 hours of creating your account, please email admin-20×


Step 3: Sign on.  Click dashboard

Step 4: Under Your Networks, click 20×30 Network

Step 5: Once in the 20×30 Network space, click Resources in the dark blue navigation bar.