20×30 Learning and Action Network

20×30 is a diverse network of people and organizations working together to catalyze action to transform the lives of 20 million students in higher education by 2030 through:

  1. Improving student wellbeing now to improve lives for a lifetime
  2. Removing health related barriers to learning, academic achievement, and overall student success
  3. Closing equity gaps for students who are not thriving
  4. Inspiring and preparing students to become future leaders and engaged citizens who actively build a culture of health and well-being for all

These audacious goals call for unprecedented collaboration and unprecedented action.  They’ll require a diversity of change makers including students and the people who support students, care about students, work with students, and/or influence students. We need you.

Getting Better at Getting Better,

Principles Guiding our Change Making:

We are…

  • all teachers, all learners, and all leaders
  • continuously curious and always questioning
  • pursuing radical transformation
  • accepting of responsibly failing forward as individuals and systems
  • widely sharing and spreading our discoveries
  • moving the needle on what’s possible